Throughout the day, live music will create a vibrant and colourful atmosphere for visitors to enjoy. Playing at Enviromental Rock 2016 are some of the best local bands:



Soton Folk Soc:

‘We are Southampton University Folk Society, and enjoy performing gigs and ceilidhs in the local area. We meet every Monday, and can be found playing in the Stile from 9pm every week. We play an eclectic selection of instruments and tunes from around Britain and Europe.’


Loop Pedal Band:

‘Based in Southampton, The Loop Pedal Band comprises singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, Luke Muscutt. He plays a variety of instruments including Guitar, Bass, Drums, African Djembe, Clarinet and Harmonica to deliver a fresh, innovative musical experience. Featuring both classic covers and original music his set includes chilled out acoustic songs, through pop and rock songs, all the way to drum and bass, house, and dubstep.’


Stuey Goodeve:

‘Stuey Goodeve is an up-and-coming singer-songwriter hailing from the South Coast, often found playing his eclectic and genre-bending original material (along with the odd cover) in the various music venues across Hampshire and beyond. When he is not performing solo he can be found fronting his band The Circadian Bicycles and playing guitar with local jazzers Sugarsmoke’

For more information, please view:

Video Clip



So’ton Ukulele Jam

‘Since forming in the summer of 2008, Southampton Ukulele Jam have been entertaining crowds across the south coast with their fast and furious blend of everything from folk to ska to disco to punk. Despite taking a perverse delight in pretending to be ramshackle, (they emblazon an early “review” –  “there are too many of them and they don’t practice enough” – proudly across the front of their website), they have built up a reputation as an enjoyable and entertaining act for all ages and make regular appearances at festivals across the south as well as popping up on local and national TV and radio.

Everyone in the Jam gives their time for free, but, by asking for charitable donations for private or funded events, the Jam have been able to raise thousands of pounds for charity since they started.

Adhering to the “everyone welcome, anyone can do it” ukulele ethos, they have a thriving beginners and improvers group and hold an open Jam every other Monday at The Talking Heads in Portswood, Southampton. Musically, they steer clear of traditional ukulele tunes, preferring instead to delve into a repertoire that runs from Kylie Minogue to The Clash via The Vaccines and Lady Gaga.

Also, as the SUJ can vary in size between 15 and 50 members depending on the gig you never quite know what you are going to get when you see them. What is consistent though is that they have a great time playing and this bounding enthusiasm tends to rubs off on the audience. At an SUJ show synchronised dancing, impromptu pogoing competitions and recurring bad jokes are as likely to be part of the fun as the tunes. The jam’s love of playing is both evident and infectious and audience participation is always an essential component, with the best gigs resembling massive singalongs.’

For more information, please view:

Video Clips

SUJ @ Larmertree 2014 – If you wanna –

SUJ @ Larmertree 2013 – Get Lucky

A Musical Ukulele A- Z in just under 5 minutes –

Blitzkrieg Bop –

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