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We’re so excited to have so many fantastic stalls and activities available this year at Environmental Rock! On May 30th, the Hobbit pub garden will be filled with a range of fun, environmentally-themed activities, information and education, for all ages. You will have the opportunity to engage with many enthusiastic people that are part of a network focused on developing and sustaining a healthy environment, community, and economy. Stalls will be run by a wide variety of local and national environmental groups and organisations

This year, Environmental Rock 2016 will have:

Glitterati Face Painting

‘Glitterarti Face Painting will be adding a bit of colour and sparkle to this year’s Environmental Rock festival for both adults and children.

We pride ourselves on our unique and contemporary style, finished off with plenty of glitter and gems.’

“Thanks for doing such a great job; the children definitely enjoyed the lovely face painting!” – Amy

“Glitterarti were fantastic, prompt, friendly, very good at face painting and highly recommended!” – Melissa

“Excellent face painting, friendly and smiley; will definitely recommend and use again at future events!” – Rachel

Glitterarti Face Painting is now part of Daff Workshops by Caroline Misselbrook.

For more information please visit


Southampton University Conservation Volunteers (SUCV)

‘SUCV are a society who regularly organise conservation tasks with local nature reserves in Hampshire. Because we are a society committed to improvement of biodiversity we will have ‘Guess what this species is’ cards for people as a fun activity at our stall, along with a few other activities.’

For more information please visit


Engineers Without Borders

Engineers Without Borders is an engineering focused charity that works with students and young professionals, providing them with the contacts and experience to make a difference in their local communities and the wider world. They are sustainability-driven as they have Holistic Engineering and Small Footprint in their key principles. They take into consideration the local knowledge, economy, culture and environment and adopt to sustainable use of resources and care about minimizeing any impact to the local environment, biodiversity or global climate,

More information about the organisation and their strategy for 2016-2021 is available on their webpage:


Centre for Doctoral Training in Sustainable Infrastructure Systems


Southampton Cycling Campaign

Southampton Cycling Campaign’s aim is to make Southampton and the surrounding areas more pleasant places to live by improving cycling as a transport option. This year they organise Rides For All around Hampshire through spring and summer months until Decmber.

For more information please visit their homepage: or Facebook page:



Curb, Southampton’s pop-uo Food Waste Cafe, started on 1st of March 2015 and during that short time has diverted more than 10 tonneof ‘waste food’ and served over 2300 people. They are food waste campaign, Southampton’s branch of The Real Junk Food Project, that intercepts tonnes of wood that would otherwise be destined for landfill.

They can be found running events across the city and they are currently fuelling the the UK’s first food waste fuelled Running Team!

For more information please visit their homepage:

You can also find Curb on Facebook:

More about The Real Junk Food Project:


Scrap Store

Scrap store is a local charity which collects and sorts useful scrap from businesses and recycles it to its members.

“It’s not rubbish, remake with it!”

For more information please see their homepage:

Scrap Store is also on Facebook:



Ethicoco is a new start up based in Winchester producing a range of vegan milk and dark chocolate bars from ethically sourced products. All the ingredients are naturally grown, with beans certified by the Rain Forest Alliance, The FairTrade Organisation, or sourced via direct trade. The “Milk” chocolate bars are produced with oat milk, while all the chocolates use unrefined raw cane sugar.
Flavours include: Dark Peppermint, Strawberry, Pina Colada, Chai Latte, Orange and Ginger, Peruvian Dark Chocolate, Ugandan with Oat Milk and Raisins, Ugandan with Oat Milk and Caffe Mocha.

So it is healthy, ethical, sustainable and still excellent chocolate!

For more information please visit their homepage:

You can also find Ethicoco on Facebook:

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