Wanted: Loving home for clothes and toys

Doing a cupboard clear out before summer? Got some clothes that are no longer worn, or toys that are no longer played with? We’ll be sure to find them a loving home before the day is done!

At Environmental Rock 2015 we’ll be hosting swap shops for clothes and toys. This is a great way for all of you to get involved with the event, as not only do you get the opportunity to clear out any unwanted items gathering dust in your cupboards, attics, or shelves, you can get ready for summer by swapping them for something a little different with other festival-goers! Just bring your  donations along and take them to the swap area, where you can rummage at your leisure.

If you don’t have anything to swap, don’t worry and have a look through anyway; after all, who knows what you may find…

So, we’re calling all of you to bring your items to the Hobbit on Monday 25th May. Happy swapping!

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